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The Philippine Carmelites and the gift of the Evangelical Counsels


The Carmelite way of living the evangelical counsels as declared in its rule of life (The Rule of St. Albert), constitution, and statutes is grounded on the very core of its mission, In obsequio Jesu Christi, “In Allegiance to Jesus Christ.”

It is through this allegiance to Jesus Christ that Carmelites are expected to be able to take up their crosses and follow Him (cf Matthew 16:24, Luke 9:23) with a joyful heart. Following Him, would then mean doing as he did and thinking as he thought, for his way is perfect (cf Ps 18:30).

For a Carmelite the evangelical counsels “are a concrete and radical way of responding to the loving invitation of Christ to follow him as our model” (Ratio Institutionis Vitæ Carmelitanæ, Rome: 2013, n. 11) and this is lived by living its charism of fraternity, prayer, and service.

In his work for the Carmelite Directory for Spirituality, Quinn R. Conners, O.Carm. wrote, “Searching for the face of God in the context of community living and service of Go…

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