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A Christian communicator

Reflection This sharing was delivered in a forum organized by the Humanities and Social Sciences senior high school strand of Sienna College, Inc. (Quezon City). I am not a writer, really. By profession, I am a physical therapist, at least since I passed the licensure exam in 2001, and now, by vocation, I am a priest. Writing really is a task for me that is why I really hate it when people ask me to write. Perhaps I developed this skill way back in high school when we were made to write pages and pages of reflections in our "diary" or journal. I am a product of public school education, pala , but I would say that I am lucky to have a grandmother who was an English teacher, I think, and my parents are very supportive when it comes to our studies. Reading, I believe, really helped in my writing. I read a lot from the moment I learned how to read, but now I am so lazy reading. Really. With so many information available in the internet, we hardly have enough time to really read.

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