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What is a prophet?

Just what does it mean to be a prophet? As a Carmelite and as a Christian, how can I live the Order's prophetic tradition?

For the Carmelites, the Prophet Elijah plays a major role in its prophetic and contemplative tradition.

In 1 Kings 21, the prophet was confronted with the issue of land-grabbing, when Israel's King Ahab took Naboth's vineyard by murdering him.

For decades now, hundreds, if not thousands, of farmers have been killed for their land. Many of these victims are lumads, or natives, indigenous people who have been taking care of the land for generations. A very famous martyr is Macli'ing Dulag, an Igorot tribal leader who was killed for opposing the building of the Chico Dam by the Marcos regime. The dam would have submerged several communities in the area, and would have affected some 100,000 hectares of ancestral land and some 250,000 locals.

Macli'ing said: "You ask if we own the land. You mock us. Where is your title? Where are the docu…

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