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God is in all of creation


God is present in all of creation.

God is in the air we breathe, giving all of creation life, the much needed fuel for them to be sustained.

God is in the smallest of plants, which heals our wounds and protects us from all forms of diseases.

God is in the smallest of insects that pollinates the plants, allowing earth to flourish.

Every living being is important for us, for our growth, for our health, for our sustenance, for our development.

Everything is good, everything was good, but what happened?

Man has decided that they are the gods over all God's creation; they chose to misinterpret God's command to subdue the earth and to rule over all of creation to mean dominance and exploitation. It became a right to possess and to manipulate nature in order for it to fuel the desire to have more than what is needed. It allowed for greed to flourish and in the process, for evil to dominate in the hearts of people.

Since the start of Pope Francis' papacy he emphasized th…

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