In this darkest of night

an uncertain journey, am I bent
to take, ignoring warnings chided

To dive
the deep
abyss of uncertainty. Alive,
unsure I am after this big leap.

The pomp
of a world I once embraced, I dump
for a new reality. Efforts.

But lo!
The pain
an accusing finger could cause – slow,
deep. All my dreams, hopes, life, stripped, robbed, slain.

My past
is passed.
Why the stern eye on me she cast
when my sins to her I confessed?

My life
The goblin, her laughter full of strife
on my pains, fears, with gusto she gorged.

In this darkest hour
I blindly seek your hand
and in your embrace I cower
hiding from the shame I shunned.

In this darkest of night
I only have but you
to turn to, as a bright light
that livens a path so blue.

Murmurs of trust, so calm
silent whispers of love
for a wounded soul, a balm;
for a pained pierced heart, a salve.

In this darkest of night
I only have but you
on you will I never leave sight
my life will I offer to you.


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